Zune! Eh? Microsoft Zune!

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The Microsoft Zune. Zune. What a name!

I bought one of these recently because I wanted to find out what all the fuss was about. I can tell you, I was immediately gripped. After handing over (yes, again) my card getting home and putting the kettle on I was enthralled.

The Zune appears to have been loving placed into its little box. The USB cable and documentation have been carefully placed into the sub sections of the box ready for an interested user to slide them out...

Interesting colour, too. Brown is one of my favourites and after seeing the rather alluring but cliched iPods I wanted something different. It's matte meaning (unlike the glossy iPod) it's highly scratch resistant!

The Zune didn't take long to charge. Neither did it take long to upgrade its own software and download the 2,000+ songs I have in my library. I am guessing the Microsoft Zune believes that speed really is of the essence.

The Zune is a real pleasure to use, too. It's impressively quick; tracks, word art and song imformation is displayed within milliseconds thanks to the nippy processor and graphics engine. Unlike my old unbranded Mp3 Player, music sounds much more vibrant and even more so when the built in equaliser is used. The radio is interesting too. It's not the ultra modern DAB Digital Radio but the Zune can display information about the radio station it's playing. Not absolutely necessary but a nice touch. Another useful feature is the picture slideshow and music accompaniment. Just sync your holiday pics, select an album and show away! You can even plug it into the TV...fantastic!

I am very impressed with the Zune. Of course, there is still improvement to be made. For example, you can send songs wirelessly from Zune to Zune but it would be great to send from Zune to phone or to the computer. I really do give Microsoft's second venture, the Microsoft Zune a big thumbs up in terms of features, durability and quality. 

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