Zutter Bind it All binding System Review

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OK.  So I gave in and bought one! I spent yesterday pracising with it.  For anyone still thinking about getting one, here's my review.
The machine is lightweight yet sturdy enough not to slip over your work top.  I won't list all the features for fear of boring you. Suffice to say, it will punch holes in just about anthing you would want it to - even old LP's it would seem - and bind your pages together with it's metal ring binding system!  It comes with a supposedly instructional CD but I found better ones on YouTube. The knob at the side adjusts the cutting guage for doing the covers of your books or continuous punching but it is quite fiddly to use. The binding system takes a bit of practice but gives a great effect.  You don't need too much force to lever the handle down through even 8 layers of paper.  It's a well made piece of kit.  The accesssory pack is adorable and I would recommend getting it for the pliers etc you will need for your projects. I am pleased with my Bind-it-All machine, but I would recommend you check out the YouTube vids and take some time to practice before you use it on a special project.  Take special note of the safety warnings - keep your hands well away from the moving parts.  You will need to judge what size binder you need, because if it's too small you wont be able to turn the pages! It's not as easy to use as they say, but once you get the hang of it, it's fine. You also have to think if you can justify the cost (around £50 UK) plus selection of wires, accessory pack etc., with the amount of use you will get out of it.  I had fun with it and my daughter liked the little note book I produced in 10 mins with it, so I would give the Zutter Bind it All  8 out of 10.
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