act-nsw is a ROGUE trader

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I hope to save other ebay members the stress of being cheated by the seller, act-nsw.  The seller has another active alias, abc1478963 and both are a front for Rambook.  This is a HongKong based seller who misrepresents the items as being in Bristol, UK.  The item I ordered (160391211996, a 1GB DDR333 PC2700 SODIMM) was not delivered and the same appears to be the case for other buyers who bought the same item.  I have raised a claim with PayPal and await a result.  I have also reported the item to ebay as a false location.
There is an earlier guide about Rambook going back a few years so ebay are aware and appear content to tolerate their practice, presumably for financial gain.  After all, ebay still get its cut when the buyer gets ripped-off.
I'm not a major user but, so far, had been fairly happy with ebay but this exposes the veneer of integrity ebay likes to cloak itself in.  Dodgy practices are tolerated and it's the buyer who ends up losing.  If a seller lies about location, they can't be trusted at all and hence should not be provided with a market place.  The only reason for an overseas seller to make fraudulent claims about location is to induce buyers to place orders under false premise.  It leaves the seller free to supply or not at will.  You can't pop round to a seller in HongKong obscured by layers of aliases as easily as you can trace and challenge a seller in Bristol.

For me the integrity of ebay and PayPal are on trial right now and I'll suspend any buying through either pending a full refund and Rambook and all its aliases disappearing from the listings.

NB the alias act-nsw contains a hyphen which is not allowed in a tag hence the tag show act nsw with a space instead.

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