add picture and video with and youtube free!

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Ease of use,more professional appearance,lower costs and more choice is why i use and for hosting my photo's on Ebay.You only need one picture for your gallery in Ebay.
Make sure it is a good picture though,for a minority of computers might not have the needed javascript installed to see your images properly.
That's why i add extra links to my images as well.
It's very easy to get started.  Sign into your account at
Go to images.
Add images by choosing:"Host your image" or even better:
Go to Slideshows, and creat a new slideshow by:"add a slide "
The individual images have a link next to them which you can copy and paste into your Ebay auction page.
The slide has all the images in ONE slide show(or other layout  you choose),and has a embed code,which you then can copy and paste into your auction page.
It is the same for youtube,the code is next to the video,just copy and paste into your webpage.
I use it together with Turbolister,which let's you create and test you auctions before they go Live.
There you go,your images are hosted on an external website,no extra cost involved,and more opportunity to show off your item.
This javascript is allowed by Ebay.

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