always send recorded as paypal always sides with buyers

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This is a guide for sellers.

If your buyer pays you by paypal for an item please always send it by a method which provides you with a tracking number, eg recorded signed for, special delivery next day or dhl.

Please dont send by standard 1st/2nd class or standard parcels as these dont give you a tracking number, so if your buyer decides they cant wait for a royal mail claim to go through they can put in a paypal complaint and unless you can provide a tracking number paypal will ALWAYS issue a full refund!!!

I have learnt this from experience, i sold an item which was too big for 1st/2nd class post so sent it by standard parcels (with proof of posting but no tracking number) and after a week the buyer said it hadnt turned up. I asked them to wait for a refund while i put in a claim with the royal mail but they refused and opened a paypal complaint (they skipped the dispute so i didnt even get a chance to explain) . Paypal refunded their whole payment and i was left with nothing while they ended up with a full refund and most probably the item as sometimes things get delayed a little.

It seems a little unfair to me that paypal sides with the dishonest buyer (if they had nothing to hide they could wait for a royal mail claim to go through) over sellers who work hard to maintain a good reputation and keep ebay and paypal in a job, but please dont give them the chance cover yourself and ALWAYS get a tracking number!!!!!

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