antique and vintage doll restringing/re-elasticating

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Hi there doll collectors, just a note on restringing dolls, we have now had in excess of 10 dolls that have been restrung by inexperienced people.

It is nice to see that there are those that have a go but in this instance there is far more likely hood of them doing damage to the doll. If the wrong size elastic is used or if strung too tight or too loose or even the wrong way then the joints will wear away if too tight, if too loose the limbs will after a time fall off or worse still the head fall off and smash.

We got yet another doll in this morning with arms so tight we had to remove he legs to snip the stringing and it had started to pull on the body pushing the tummy out any longer and the tummy would have been in need of a major repair.

It maybe a bit cheaper to buy the bits and have a go yourself but in the end it will cost you more.

If you are doing it and then selling the doll on you are passing the problem on and possibly ruining a doll, there are so few left that we need to preserve the ones we do have.

There are still a few of us dolly doctors about and restringing is not a fortune at the very most it would cost you £30.00 to have the doll done correctly,  this will give the doll many more years of life, so please think about letting experenced repairers do the restringing? in the end you will get more pleasure from your doll and thats what collecting is all about.

godd luck with your dolls and may you have many more years of collecting

warm regards

Tina & Steve

The Dolly Doctorsplease read my review before you restring your doll  

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