aquasaurs to hatch

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When the triops are very small they are very delicate sensitive to water change/temperature/clarity of water/bacteria etc

after killing the first brood hatch by falling the enclosed instructions carefully we tried again but did it this way .

We got a bottle of spring water from the local supermarket removed about 1/4 of the water  placed  the eggs in the bottle and simply left them there in awarm environment out of direct sunlight after 10 days we transferred them to the tank .I think that the interior of the bottle was completely clean and that the triops grew strong whereas before hand we transferred them to the aquasaur tank too early.

Though we cleaned the tank carefully following the instructions  the first time we suspect that we may have left some impurities within the tank or didnt clean the gravel properly ,any way the second time round of keeping them in a stable environment i.e the spring water bottle and transferring them to a tank after 2 weeks they grew strong and we have had a higher success rate than mentioned with in the leaflet enclosed in the kit .

Out of 15 hatching the second time round we now have 4 triops about 7cms long these are approximately 8 weeks old .there is a mass of information on the web regarding these interesting animals .It is quite interesting watching them shed their skin every 3 days /watching them squabble and kick/and cartwheel around looking for food .You can feed them all sorts of different foods please look at specialist triop sites for recomendations....More interesting than a gold fish and every school science section should have a small tank on display .

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