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Hi, all and welcome!

I'm afraid that I don't know much about autograph collecting by mail as all of mine have come from actors attending conventions. Putting together some things I've read about it for various authors/actors/celebs, though...

1- If you're looking for an autographed picture, you'll have to expect to pay for it because the celebs pay to have them made. If you hope for a free autograph, you probably should send an item to be signed, such as an index card.

2- Send a polite note thanking them for their time and effort and be specific if you want it personalized. Telling them how you enjoy their work can't hurt, of course.

3-always enclose a return envelope, postage paid, addressed to yourself so that the celeb can send it back without any bother.

How to contact the actors is another thing. Very likely a good place to start would be through their fan clubs. There's usually one that's an official, actor-involved club that would be the best bet to try.   take a look for your self
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