avoiding fraudelant buyers!

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When i was selling my o2 cocoon, i came across 3 different fraudelant buyers. Due to this, i had to relist my item several times which therefore resulted in more ebay fees. To avoid this please be careful and do not take anyone for face value. Luckily enough for me, i spotted that they were not genuine ebayers. Here are a few simple tips that really helped me in catching out these fraudsters!

  1. Where are they buying from? Check that it is somewhere you are willing to send to, do not let anyone hassle you!
  2. Have they changed their shipping address? e.g. is their address in the UK but after buying your item they ask you to send it to Nigeria (this is what happened to me). Be wary of buyers such as these as many of these transactions will not be genuine and the ebayer is trying to con you out of your item and your money.
  3. If after the auction has ended you receive an e-mail from paypal stating that the money from the buyer is in your account but will not appear in your account until you send a tracking number for the item, forward it to paypals spoof centre (can be found on paypals site) - this is exactly the situation i found myself in and it turned out it was fraudelant. The money should always appear in your paypal account, there is no need for a tracking number.
  4. Remember that just because the senders e-mail address may seem genuine, it may not be from the orgin which it claims. Changing the senders e-mail address is simple for people that know how and is an easy way of fooling ebayers and anyone doing any shopping online to give out their personal information.
  5. Always open up websites such as ebay and paypal from a new browser, avoid clicking on links found in e-mails, this is the best way to ensure that you are not being led to a spoof website.

These are a few simple guides to catching out fraudsters on ebay and paypal , check out ebay and paypals own tips on safety. Always forward e-mails that you are wary of to ebay or paypals spoof centres, these let you know really quickly if the e-mails originated from them. It's so important to avoid being conned as not only do you lose the item, you feel like a bit of a numpty for being fooled. Good luck in avoiding fraudsters!!


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