avoiding the bad on ebay

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I have been trading on Ebay since 2005 and find most of the people I deal with genuine and friendly. Many will go that extra mile for you and make ebay an enjoyable experience.However sometimes there are people who you should avoid.I have learnt that by you can often avoid conflict by trying to understand the person you are dealing with from their feedback.Read into what is said about them and what they say to others before you bid.

I made the mistake of trusting a power seller who had 99.5% feedback.The .5% said it all non deliveries and when the poor buyers left negative or nutral feedback they were left very negative comments by the seller.

This shouldnt be allowed as it spoils the whole eithos of ebay for every one. The only thing you can do is conplain to ebay or decide if it is worth risking your 100% to complain about it before leaving native feedback.

On the other hand this does not mean that all people who dont have 100% are poor ebayers.If you are unlucky enough to be a disatisfied customer who has complained about something and in spite a seller has returned your negitive feedback then this is not your fault.

Also think of it from a sellers point of view if they have offered you a full refund should you really be giving them anything other than positive feedack? Many do This is unfair as the seller is out of pocket when they do this.

Also a word about Newbies dont avoid them everyone has to start somewhere. They might not know what they are doing but most of the time if you contact them and point out your concern then they are usually keen to accept your advice as long as you are pleasant to them.

Being pleasant goes a long way with everyone and often stops problems arising.

A hasty buyer gave me a negitive and when I returned it with a postive, with the answer that I did not give negitives unless they were justified,he realised he had been wrong and retracted his negative.

Happy ebaying





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