bad sunburn no need for the expensive creams save £££

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i recently went on a days fishing on chesil beach and dusted of me shorts from last year .

didnt use any suncream on my legs as i was in and out of the water

wont burn me i thought

came home to the worst sunburn ive ever seen blister's galore

my wife kindly went and bought everything you can buy for sunburn and they never even touched it

after speaking to my little old granny she told me to stop wasting money on all that crap . and get a spray bottle with vineager in it

have a bath get all those chemicals of it and dry carefully as it was just a tad painful

spent the moring spraying myself with this bottle of vineager

and i cant believe how good it is takes the stinging away within hours

so no need to spend a fortune just get yourself a bottle of vineager

beware the first few minutes sting but its well worth it

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