be-aware of scammers

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My daughter has just been Scammed on ebay. she was selling a playstation 3 the guy paid by paypal then asked if he could pick it up.

Paypal had as far as she knew accepted the money from the chap and she accepted but unbeknown to her he was scamming,  he's done this before Aparently this had happent to the previous person he had bought odf of he got in touch with my daughter thats how she found out paypal stopped her account.

.  If the address isnt certified on ebay this could happen to you. i/e the credit card is listed at thet address. if it isnt beware. even cash isnt a certainty with so many dud notes out in circulation.


Paypal take at least 10 days before paying into your account until then your not certain of recieving the money.

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