bedlum.beds or bedlum????

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I would like to bring it to the attention of anyone who is looking to buy from the very popular bed retailer Bedlum Beds Ltd. There is only one account on ebay for Bedlum Beds Ltd, and the account name is bedlum.beds


There is another trader on eBay who has been trading off the excellent reputation of Bedlum Beds Ltd. This is in fact illegal, and appropriate action will be taken against the imposter who trade on eBay as bedlum. This user has now changed their name as requested by our solicitor.


The word bedlum is in fact a made up name, so this seller (who also sells beds) has obviously just picked up on the popularity of Bedlum Beds Ltd, and has used the name as a form of keyword spamming for when people search of a bed company called Bedlum.


The way we found out about this seller was when a customer of theirs phoned us up to complain about the quality of the products they had purchased from bedlum. So we don't want a seller who sells low quality products to ruin our good reputation.

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