best way to buy new walking boots

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try before you buy

I always find it best when getting walking boots from eBay is to go to find the ones you like and then find them in a shop near you. Try them on to make sure they work for you and to get exact sizing. Then get back on good old ebay and search your way through to grab a bargain. I always try and get them from a business seller for a bit of peace of mind. I lime to also try and find some factory outlet style shops as they usually have good bargains. I also watch several pairs even before try any on just yo get an idea on prices. Best places for boots dependant on what you want I usually go to an outdoor shop. Get as much detail as possible off the boots Inc. European size, any codes, makes an  models and always check out a couple of different designs. Or even last season depending on how fashionable you are. Use as much info as possible to search and make sure the boots your going to bid on are the correct ones. I also find it easier if you find a well known make as well as they are easier to find within ebay.  Always check out the price on different colours as.some are cheaper as people might not want bright yellow boots. 
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