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sold  two  steering wheels to  camper5813 , after he sent  several emails asking about  our  return policy before  buying  ,  which  at  first i thought  nothing  of  ,  but then  started asking how  do  i ship  , if  he  returned  items  would  i refund  in full  with  the  costs for him to  return the items  if unsatisfied with them ,  i thought uh oh  recently  got an  email from ebay warning  of  buyers  being  overly interested in our returns  policy !

before  i got the chance to block the buyer  he had  clicked the buy it now and  bought  both items ,  fair  enough  paid instantly  , i though  great worries over  as  the buyer  has  paid straight away it should  run smooth  anf  my initial  worries was unfounded .

how wrong was  i ,  shortly after buying  ,  within 24 hours  before  i had  even  boxed the items  he started ranting at me  about not having  next day  delivery  in my options  ,  i pointed  out that  the  items  was boxed and would  be sent  by  48hr  signed for delivery ,  Not  good enough he  claims  he  will be away for several days and  he had  notified  me of this ,  Checked  ebay messages and  hotmail  , Nothing  requesting a  different  postage  date  or  address etc ,  i emailed  back  to  say sorry but the  items  have already been collected and  would be  with him on the  monday signed  for delivery .

Monday came  tuesday  weds thurs fri  sat sun  mon tues weds ,   thought  maybe  hes  slow  on leaving feedback ,  then a  message arrived  in my hotmail  account  not through  ebay messages , saying  that there  was a  problem with  one  of the wheels  what am  i going to do  about it , 

i  returned  email  asking what  the  problem was and  i got the  message back  one  of them does  not have the correct spline ,  i offered  him a  replacement  item providing  he returned the  wheel  to  me ,  he covers the  postage to  me and i  cover the return  postage  of the  replacement , fair  enough :o)

NO ,, he want me to  pay  for him to  return  ,  No demands i  send  him  the  funds to  return the item and  refunds the cost of the  wheel or  he will get his friends and  family  to  buy my lowest items and  all leave  bad feedback  to wreck my account  unless  i  do  this 

My reply  to  this was  go ahead  ebay isnt  my life  ,  i will only  refund once the item  is  returned to me  ,  i  dont take  kindly to threats  and  will not lose any sleep  over  it

He replied with  a  paypal  dispute  Item not as described ,  SO  i did the  paypal  thing  return  item for refund , I received a steering wheel  back  ,  but all  the inners  and spline  had been completely removed ? 

I sent  an email  saying i had received   a  wheel  back  in a condition that was unusable and  unsellable

All i got was  silence  ,  i then  noticed  he was  trying to claim  through  paypal for the pair of wheels not just  the  one .

SO  i  managed to get through to paypal  and  point  out that  the dispute he had started  was for 2 wheels but only  returned  one in unusable and unsellable  condition ,  paypal looked  into  my  case  and  for once they  agree with  me that it could be a  fraudualant claim ,  however  i now have to  go  to  the  police and  give them all the details  get  a  crime  number  for a  crime that as yet until  paypal  review and refund  not occured .

will  see what happens  with police and  paypal , once they see in his favour as is usually the  case  these days , i can claim a  fraudualant claim thing through  paypal  once the  item  is  refunded and  i  fully  intend to do ,  the police was  helpfull  but they say  the  usuall  small  claims  court  bla  bla  bla ,  so  theres a  big  loophole that buyers can  exploit

so  beware  if a  buyer  buys  two  or more  items and  trys  to  make a  chargeback it is very difficult and  frustrating  to get  a resolution to  it 

i am about to get  a  negative  feedback which  i can do nothing  about i  cannot  even reply to  a  feeback  recieved  unless  i  give the  buyer a  glowing  + feedback ,, 

sellers  have  now  lost all chance of fighting back  against such  fraudsters

im not a  power  seller  just  a  small  business  starting  up with 3 kids to feed and  i feel  very  very  very  let  down

now  i am  in fear  of  buyers  who are friends  and family  of this  person  going  out to  damage us

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