beware none payers and the lengths they go to not to

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Having bid on two books recently but failed to win them, i received a email from the seller informing me that i was being offered a second chance to buy them. Also in the email was the reason why the  winning bidder was refusing to pay, accusing the seller and myself of shilling!!!

This persons conspiracy theory had been hatched by the fact that i had, in the past, bid on certain items by the same seller and not won any. Of this i will have to say  i have done on many an occassion with many different buyers. in fact i have even won items from one buyer on more than one occassion. to be branded a cheat of sorts because i dared to place bids on something and not win i find offensive. you have been warned!!!  there are some pathetic people in the world.

the value of these two items....... a bank account breaking £11.   shocking.

what is the point of placing a bid if you are not prepared to pay on winning.





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