beware of buying reclaimed pitch pine.

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This is regarding an advert for pitch pine on ebay,the company trades in yorkshire in the uk. The company I will not say as I am at present reporting it to ebay.But I would like you to be aware of what happened to me and perhaps It might help you not to fall into the same trap.

The advert was for 5 inch wide pitch pine boards with lenghts between 8ft and 12 feet,but I was wanting 7 inches wide so I emailed a question through the advert.they said yes they could supply it and so I asked for a price for 25sq yrds plus delivery.  The total was Sixhundred & Ninty five pounds.

We confirmed a date for delivery via emails that came back from this company and details of lengths of wood [8/12ft lengths] and how the company would be paid[cash]. The journey from yorkshire is long roughly 300 miles all round trip.

The timber arrived very late at night 8pm in a car! When the driver unloaded the timber the lengths were mixed and I did make comment that some of the timber looked short. I paid the driver once it was unloaded.At this stage I didnt know what 25sq yrds of timber looked like.The next day I measured the timber and found I had recieved 330 linear feet so the delivery was considerably short.

I also sorted the planks into lengths and found that 50% of the timber was 7feet or less. So you can emagine how I felt ...not pleased.

I emailed the company and they said that the lorry had broken down on the motorway and so the wood was transfered to a car and some of the lengths of wood had been cut down.

I emailed the company and they say they did not short change me and that they sent the correct amount of timber, they have offered to give me 5sq yrds of timber but I would have to collect it myself from Yorkshire.[I don't think so.] As for sending me 50% of the wood at the wrong size no appology and no emails since. It is a case of they have your money and is their anything you can do.Personally I felt it was theft.

So if your good at measuring the wood as it arrives and all the other steps are in place then I would say go ahead after all this is about only one particular dealer. I have purchase wood before and never had a problem.

If after reading this you feel It's a lot of hassle then I recommend you purchase your wood through a local dealer or go and see the timber first.

I personally thought the timber was off cuts and seconds from anouther job and by the way I never got a reciept either.

good luck.   JH


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