beware of this lady, 5 different name's and address'es

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There is an ebayer, that buyer's and sellers need to be wary from, she has 2 user id's on ebay, she is from Australia and i'm going to get her off ebay for good. This woman she goes by ferentino2011, she actually won an item off me and when i sent her invoice it claimed she lived in the states, but on user id she lived in Australia, she claimed it was to post to a friend, after that she never got back to me, so issued with a NPB, she also has another user id by the name of taarjet, this woman and it's the same woman bids at the last minute and wins, and has no intention of paying for the goods. She also has 4 different names and address'es that i'm going to give to you as well Which are:

1) Ana Toz, 9 Allan Street, Brunswick, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 3056 (name and address don't exist)

2) Ana Drougas, 2 Willow Street, Elsterwick, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 3185 (again name and address don't exist) Again this is ferentino2011 and taarjet, only different id.

3) Christy Dobs, 385 Eli Ln, Oneida Tn, 37841-6051 United States. (this was the name on the invoice i sent to her, but claimed it was for a friend)

4) Ann Hoyle. 139 Leeds Road, Rothwell, Leeds, West Yorkshire. RG13 3RZ (this name does not exist, but when invoiced to ferentino2011, the odd seller gets this address)

5) She also has another name Anastasia Tozios, 9 Allan Street, Melbourne, Victoria, 3056 Australia, again this gets used ferentino 2011 and taarjet. This name and address does not exist either.

I have had quite a lot of email's about this woman some from australia, i give them the addresses i have, and you can guarantee out of the 5 of the above i've just wrote on the above, her name is one of them.

I've emailed these people to give her an NPB like i have, and get her the hell off ebay, it's people like her that stop genuine buyers by bidding right at the last second. Do you not agree ebayer's???

You have been warned, as i want to stop her messing innocent buyers around, as she did with me.

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