beware p+p costs when buying model planes

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i have been an avid collector of 1/200 scale model aircraft, and to date have bought in the region of 80 models through ebay, but occasionally you get the odd one who decides to charge way over the top for delivery.

a single model that is boxed and posted in a jiffy bag would cost around 50 pence to send, add to that the cost of the jiffy bag(30p) and the costs imposed by paypal(if you pay that way) normally around 10-50p tops would give you a figure around the £1.10 mark. So how can some sellers justify charging between £4 and £6 for the p+p of just one model?.

it seems that these are just greedy sellers there is no other explanation, only recently i bought two models from one seller and he had charged £6 to post them , they were great models very rare but once everything had been calculated the overall costs were £1.50 , when i contacted him all i got for a response was "you knew the postage charge when you bid so tough" yes thats fine i did know this but i paid for recorded ,insured delivery but when the models arrived they had been sent second class and not recorded, so i wasen't too impressed.

on another occasion i bought 5 models from the same seller after i had bought them he refused to send them together saying that because he had lost a few parcels in the post he no longer bundles them together, in the end the postage charges for these were £15 but when i recieved them guess what each one had cost only 49p to send and each one was wrapped in a carrier bag with a sticky label attached, so total actual charges including paypals were £3.50 , but when i contacted him in all fairness he did offer a refund and an apology but because he was a decent seller and had offered the refund i declined his offer as i felt my point had been made, then two days later he sent me two brand new models as a goodwill gesture - in my eyes a very decent seller who was quick to rectify the problem in an amicable way.


the point of this guide is to help people and make sure they are not ripped off by unscrupulous sellers, if the p+p is high then ask them why and when your model arrives check the packaging has been done correctly and the price it cost to send.

obviously the p+p quoted may well be up to £3 on most models but include the following in the workings out-

1-cost of posting

2-jiffy bag/packaging costs

3-paypal costs

4-their time/fuel expenses in getting to a post office

the maximum you should pay would be £3 not the other ridiculous prices some sellers charge.

i hope this has helped you in some way, EBAY would be a much nicer place if there were not so many rip off artists on here.

good luck

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