big scam of SWOOPO auction website

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Hi all,

   recently i did come accross SWOOPO auction website, which unfortunatelly i have found to be a big scamm. Here let me explain why.
Lets see for example this auction, btw all auctions are being run by SWOOPO itself, no private people auctions- the auction link is here. in this auction winner bought some Mario game for $22 normal retail would be $41 as the site says so lets believe them. Each bid will cost the bidder 60cents and will add 6 cents into the price- which means that on this item there was 382 bids. Now lets see how much money SWOOPO already made on this. 382 bids times 60 cents is $229 yes $229 plus you have to count that swoopo will get winning bid of $22 as well which makes it $251. thats a not bad profit on something which costs $41 retail. If this was all i could only say that this is brilliant idea of making money, swoopo gets their profit, buyer cheap product and everybody is happy BUT. There are actuall programs on the net that you can download and they will set up exactly same website system on your website. So i did this and what was my suprise when i logged in to the admin section. There was actually option of automated bidding robots who will bid if the price is low or not enough bidders did participate on each auction. This i think is not fair to extend auction time with help of robots if price is not high enough. I have some friends who are actually getting addicted to websites like swoopo, which feels to be almost like gambling machines to me. They paying money for bids unless they actually win something at all. And by the way Rotobs can win auctions on SWOOPO as well.

    I welcome any comments of yours and hope this helps you and prevents you from spending your money on Swoopo and similar websites.
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