bios passwords on dell laptops

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Dell latitude c series laptops which include:

dell latitude cpi,cpt,cpx,c600,c610,c640
amongst others..

all have a eprom chip on board the motherboard called 24c02 or a variant of the the same chip, this holds the information like date and time, and most importantly - passwords!

to remove the password is not that easy as some other laptops where you can simply remove the cmos battery and leave it over night and then reinsert the battery and the system passwords have been magically wiped.
on dell laptops you will need to bypass the chip during boot up using the not so well known paperclip method.
there are sellers on ebay offering this invalable guide and it is well worth the small price, as it has got me out of a few tricky situations and saved me a lot of money!
it is quite easy to do on some laptops but can be tricky on others, which require a little soldering work.

you basically have to short cuircit the chip during boot up so that the chip looses its information just before the crucial time that it asks for a password.
a bog standard paper clip can be used which is the great thing about this technique!
you will need to dismantle part of the laptop to gain access to the chip and then be able to power up the system with one hand and short the eprom chip with the other, can be tricky, so get some one to give you a hand.

there are other methods to bypass the password, one is using a program on another laptop or computer and entering part of the service tag into the command file, this will give you a master code, to gain access to the system and then reset the passwords, but this way, you will remove the service tag from the bios, the method replaces this tag with another one, you may need to reflash the bios after using this method.

this method is also for sale on ebay.

just search for dell password

good luck!

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