bios passwords on toshiba laptops

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IF you have bought a toshiba laptop off ebay and noticed that there is a bios password on boot up, there is an easy way  to remove this password without opening up the laptop.
All you need is a parallel port password removal tool, this is legit as toshiba technicians themselves use the same tool.
there are a few good guides on the net and many sellers on ebay are offering these for sale.
toshiba will charge you a lot to remove the password and they use the same tool, which you can buy for a fraction of the cost here on ebay!
this tool will work on all toshiba laptops, may not work on the latest systems but will work on all old and new toshiba systems.
plug in the tool into the parallel port and switch the system on. the system will prompt you to let you know that default settings have been implemented i.e. password removed, then switch the system off, remove the tool then switch system back on again, hey presto password removed!

for newer laptops you may need a USB removal tool this is a little more expensive and can be purchased from other sellers on ebay quite easily.

just search for toshiba password removal tool, or parallel port password removal in ebay.
good luck!

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