boilies and pellets using them to your best advantage

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boilies and pellets

how to use em to our best advantage

First get yourself some good quality ones.

This is how I used Katch Karp boilies and pellets on my last seesion at my local pond.

I arrived at the lake around dinner time on tues last week ending

20/06/08 . first thing I put in around 10 kilo of vitalin mixed with corn and hemp. approx 45 yards from the bank. Rolling balls around  2 to 3 inches in diameter, I used a bait spoon to chuck the ballsout into the swim. after 20 minutes the task was completed.

At this point I left the swim to settle down a while and walked round the lake and stalked some fish from the shallows. After two or so hours I returned to my swim to start to build it up and get some fish moving.

I was using my own  katch karp pva bags together with my super tuti and super red fish boilies as hookbait. I loaded the the 65mm x 220 mm pva bags with crushed boilies and Katch Karp pellet mix. All 3 rods were cast out and .. For the first couple of hours I recast and  rebaited each rod in a rota system every 15 minutes or so. Within 1 1/2 hours I had been getting definate line bites and pick ups so I adjusted the hooklinks accordingly until the bites became fish on the bank.

I loose fed a few boilies evry half hour or so, not loads but enough to lay a few2 free offerings for them. The bagged pellets were working well. I think I must of  got thru 250 + possibly 300 bags over the next few days.

Bites came fast and furious at times the evenings and the early mornings obviously being the best times, as the weather was extremely hot over the few days that I was there.

I ended up having the best session that I have had for quite a few seasons, as I have not fished very much over the past 4 to 5 years due to heavy work commitments.

My baiting had paid off big time I caught 73 carp up to a meagre 14lb 12 onz, this being my best fish from the lake so far and the biggest I had actually caught for 5 years!!!

I know laugh if you want but I went home tired and very on Sat. dinner time ( I had to work sat evening, one of our busiest times) but who cares I was happy.

To sum up I caught fish consistantly throughout the session not through luck but hard work and a lot of bait. I applied bait correctly for the situation at the time.

Katch Karp Baits are a quality bait that when applied correctly can catch quality fish. Used in conjuntion with our carp pellets they can be devastatingly good.    


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