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I have 3 daughters and have had no less than 50 pushchairs ranging in price and style so i thought it was about time i shared my experience.

Lets start with CLASSIC prams I have had an Emmaljunga due edge combi and wow what a fab pram, the carrycot is huge and can accomodate a child up to about 9 month to 1 depending on age as you can attach a harness to this carrycot, it has adjustable suspension so as your child grows it doesnt feel to be heavier. I used mine with my 3 year old on a buggy board and my 10 month old inside the carry cot and i had no kicking of the buggy board and no stroggling with the weight.

I got rid of this when i got my car and got a QUINNY ZAPP and what a nightmare i would tell everyone to avoid this buggy like the plague.Yes it looks brill but dont put anything on the handles or over it goes, and prey it doesnt rain as the cover doesnt fit properly and as for folding it  to get the bus, dont even attempt it without a helper as it takes 2 hands and an extra push.

I have tried the PLIKO P3 PRAMETTE and again a great pushchair but i found it to be too light, I had my nwborn in it and was standing waiting for the bus when a lorry passed and the gust from the lorry lifted the pliko a couple of inches into the air, the next day i bought my emmaljunga.

I have had a graco pushchair and found this to be a good cheap allrounder prfect for a tight budget, nothing really wrong here

The chicco tech 3 wheeler was very very heavy and was only used for a week as was also hard to manouver

My all time favourite buggy has to be my ZIKO FRANKIE it has everything, light,compact,sturdy,easy to fold, great looking, the little bag that hangs on the back, even the poppers that keep the footmuff on, everything about this pushchair is right, they get 10/10 here

Mamas and Papas freestyler is quite smilar to graco pushchairs with a couple of extras such as adjustable handle, but not worth the extra money in my opinion

NOW FOR THE 2 SEATER VARIETY, the worst i have had was a cheap umbrella fold double, the seats were tiny and i broke the brakes on 2 of these before getting rid, they also feel very weak likt they will snap in the middle.

I have also had a nipper but not the 360 which didnt fit through the doorways and was a nightmare on the bus plus no where to put shopping,

The tandem variety is very heavy with an older child in the front but when you swap seats the me older one started to kick the little one in the front, brilliant big shopping basket and easy for the doors and bus

Graco duo sport was good probably my 2nd favourite but didnt like the drawstring back adjusters and the bumper bar didnt remove, I prefered the cheaper Graco Duo rider i think is what it was called,side by side with 2 proper seats held my 21/2 and 11/2 comfortably, nice rubber handle not foam which is horrid in the wet or hot, great big easy acces shopping basket and nice and easy to push it also went through every door i tried and onto the easy access busses easile and at only £100 great value for money.

Need any help on what type to buy,write a list, do you mainly walk, then get a classic pram, if you go most places in the car then you will need one that will fit in the car and possibly be travel system compatible. Dont just go for the one that looks the best try to find the one that fits most of your needs that way you will get the most use from it, I hate to think about how much i have wasted on pushchairs in the last 5 years
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