buyers claiming defect in order to get discount fraud

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my original guide about problems ive had with a buyer has dissapeared??hmm however i can update on it now.. you think by taking plenty of photos of the item your selling to show every aspect of it then sending your item recordered delivery will protect you,, think again!!! i recently sold a lovely used dress to glamdesigns01. i then recieve a email telling me theres a thread pull / snag on the front of the dress. and this even though the dress is beautiful has totally spoilt it, they reckon of course it was done in post,,OBVIOUSLY!! seeing as all my photos prove it wernt there first. they reckon it has got caught on one of the crystals,, which is very unlikely considering the bar of crystals left on top and all fabric i folded behind/underneath and then the packaged tightly the buyer decides to open a she has opened cases before with buyer protection and always gets her money back..anyway after days of ranting in the resolution centre and her constantly inboxing me she inboxes me and tells me a story of being given her money back through ebay before and the tells me she had hoped in the beginning that we would of just come to a negotiation so neither of us wouldve ended up out of pocket...In other words if you ask me she was hoping that i wouldve given her a discount of the price she had paid,, why would she of wanted to negotiate anything on a dress she claimed was now spoilt..Why because its a trick used reguarly of dodgey buyers claim there is something wrong or there not happy with something so they can get a few quid back.. they do this because they know it is easier for you to do this than go throuh a dispute and risk losing everything..
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