buying a mobile phone

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when buying a mobile phone second hand BEWARE  the dreded con trick, the seller could be selling you a perfect working phone today but has every opertunity to cancel their contract or report their phone stolen.

This could leave you with a mobile phone that gets BARRED within days of it being reported LOST/STOLEN or contract terminated early, which means they have your money and you have a phone thats no good to anyone because it wont work on any uk network and i strongly agree with the next stage of barring from world wide networks, to stop people shipping stolen phones abroad.

So a quick guide is to reserch your seller and make sure there is no dodgy activity been going on with them,  and just because the price looks right or a little on the cheap side it's not always a bargain, LOOK BEFORE YOU LEAP its too easy to get ripped off with second hand phones.

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