buying a printer

Like if this guide is helpful

If like a lot if people your baffled when it comes to buying the right printer for you then hopefully this guide will help you. 

Things to consider;
* what will you be needing the printer for? Do you need it to just be able to print or do you require a more advanced printer which has the ability to scan/ copy? Do you need it to be a colour printer or woukd a black and white one do the job? 
*printer speed. If you need to print a lot of paperwork, the last thing you want is to be waiting around for ages for the printer to print out what you need. You'll need to consider the Pages Per Minute speed. 
*cost of refills. If your goimg to be doing a lot of printing you may want to consider a toner printer. Toner refills can be expensive but last a while whereas ink refills would have to be replaced more regular so would cost more if the printer was used a lot (or if the printer was left dormant for a long period of time as inks can dry up when left unused) . how many cartridges will it need? If its a colour printer this can often take up to 4 cartridges (that could potentially be 4x the cost to refill) How long will a cartridge last? This will depend on usage and what its being used for. If its being used to print blocks of colour this will use more ink than, say, printing a letter.
*brand. Some people have a preference to brands. Brands are also something to consider when it comes to refills on inks/ toners. Certain brands have refills that can be reasonably priced whereas certain brands are more expensive to replace.

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