buying amatuer screenplays or scripts

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as a screenplay writer myself i feel like i can say a word or two about buying screenplays on ebay obviously i can only speak for myself but when putting a description of the screenplay/script on ebay i find it very difficult to describe what its about without giving away the plot to everyone so IF anyone is selling a screenplay but the description is very brief and underscriptive dont think the person is trying to hide that it isnt very good or anything like that it is generally for the sake of the reader but also for the sake of the buyer if someone is going to buy a screenplay and work on it the last thing they want is for the whole plot to be up in writing on a website. i would say if looking to buy an amateur screenplay mainly un-finished ones look for what would look like an advertisement for the film in the description i.e "two men from another world have come to ours but a galactic war follows closely behind" something like that and if it seems interesting and isnt too overly priced (as in not to run the risk of spending 20 quid on a primary school english lesson story that you could have written in the first place) then spend a couple of quid jus to have a look at it if nothing else u never know it could inspire u to write the best thing u have ever written and of course once u have bought it its urs so u can do what u want with it take it apart, use the ending and change the rest or jus fill in the blanks its all practice and inspiration for the amatuer writer. also try not to assume that because they are doing it for a hobby or are not proffessional that it will be a rip off and not worth buying there are alot of writers out there who are very good but dont do it proffessionally anyway thats my not so little tip lol hope it helps people.


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