buying an item on eBay

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searching for the item

Try and be specific with what item you are looking for for. E.g. Searching butterfly case for sony xperia z1 instead of case for sony xperia. If your more specific you won't have as many items to scroll through. 


Be realistic when looking at the price of an item. If someone is charging £15 for a phone case do you really wanna buy it....if you search again you may find the same or similar case for £0.99 if your lucky and if not you can probably get it for £2 or £3.

Also include postage when working out your maximum bid on an item. You don't want to give yourself a maximum of £10 for something that costs £15 in the shop and then pay £6 postage!!

Be safe when collecting items

Always make sure you tell someone where you are going if the item is collection only. 

This goes for delivering items yourself or having people collect items you have sold on ebay too. Just let someone know that you have sold the item and that you are delivering it or having them come to your house to collect it. If someone is collecting try not to let them in the house unless it is 100% necessary. 

It's better to be safe then sorry!

Happy buying and selling ebayers 

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