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I saw an add in the auto trader freelander mint condition. £4995 bargain i said  to myself. so i phoned the number which just happened to be the sellers wife didnt think anything untoward. arrange to go see vehicle bearing in mind ive always wanted a 4x4 and free landers looked very good. 

so i  followed the autotraders buyers guide and complied a list of things to look out for.  so i got there it was dark the seller said that he had a buyer intrested who was comeing to look at the vehicle at the weekend and this guy was certain to buy.

 we drove the vehicle to a garage just down the road i was taken back how good it looked in fact it was a minter fully loaded inc priv glass. i tried to haggle the price but he wasn`t haveing none of it. but i thought i like this car its still quite cheap. i carried on with my inspections went to check the sunroof it didnt work bells should have been ringing like mad but he said that it might be a fuse but you have air con so it wont matter. again the bells should have been bouncing of the side of my head i was deafened  by how sweet the vehicle looked and drove. i said ok its mines left a nice deposit and drove it home. prior to this i was checking out the specs of landrovers so i had an idea what things cost.  i realy liked my new car but other people  didn`t they had a realy bad rep i did a what car guide my heart sank.

 but again i liked the vehicle now i bought this vehicle weds night so it was friday before i got a proper look the first thing i did was check the sun roof . no fuse stiil nothing i should have been wearing a bell for a head . so i put the spare fuse in and hey it worked right now shut it

 it only went half way  i tried again. still nothing mmmm now i can hear the bells now a new sunroof is just over £600 again i liked the car but wasnt prepared to pay that for a sunroof  i had to take the vehicle to the dealers it cost me £25  and a hour and half of my life. was told that £634 and some change would get me a new sunroof i thought no so i phoned the seller of course answering machine wifes mobile the jig saw started to come together. ok lets go back to the  sale. i gets ther very nice area  big house detached guy was nice wife very nice story was she couldnt park it right got it just before xmas. now im saying i like this car to the seller whic i realy did

now she had a new celica. so it was the perfect sale  ok fwd  he phones me up i explains whats up he says that  when i mentioned the roof he said that it might be a fuse i said it dont work full stop. i said im not asking for the full price of the roof just something towards the repairs, now this is were he slipped up i would have said ok how much. he didnt i said that you advertised all electrics working this wasn`t the case.

he was still giveing it i told you so im like ok lets talk trades description he gives it sold as seen im like not on the reciept mate .

ok rewind  im counting money out in this guys house and im thinking sold as seen but im not saying nowt its not my place.

fwd we`ve been on phone ten mins im cool as can be i got the measure of this guy im saying that i think he shoul put something towards. he says he will phone me back. 5 mins later the phone rings he says that the whole thing has upsett his family he has had to phone his dad for advice. im thinkig youre and adult middle 30s wife kid good job did youre dad hold youre hand all the way through this i dodnt think so.

he says £200 i says i will check with my boss my partner i said i will phone him back he`s like i need to no now im like well i need to spk to my parner and will phone you in 5 mins by now i had already made my mind up. i put phone down explained to my partner she didnt even blink send it back,

wel i phoned him and said no im fetching it back he`s like youre going to loose a nice car and £200 for the sake of the sunroof i said yes. now i had spent £170 tax, £25 petrol, £15 insurance change over£25 dealers to shut roof, also i had to get some one to follow me over so i was out of pocket

and not happy so i took the vehicle back and explained to the guy if he had said there was a fault then it would have been ok but he didnt. deep down he knew what he was doing all im trying to say is that check every thing because it could have gone the other way i would have been stuck with the vehicle and   £600 out of pocket. i reflex on this and smile. thanks for reading my story

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