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Hi to every one ,lolls the name ,hot dogs and burgers is my game..Having spent four years of my time ,trying to start my own hot dog burger business up from scratch, my legs did the walking and my mouth did the talking as regards to what is required in order to sell hot dogs and burgers .First and fore most is the health and safety . this covers not only how one takes care of the food which is to be used but also the whole job lot ,your trailer, gas, electicity you name it ,its got to meet the criteria of the heath and safety inspectors,So whilst looking up on here under the search (hot dog) I came across a item number,    290103082279 ..asking price £1,800 ..This has got to be some mistake or a real bad joke    ,There is NO WAY that this would be passed by the health and safety inspectors in this country.   and for the naive  who just might buy this (GHOST BUSTER HOT DOG STYLE )STAND.???  go ahead buy one and just maybe the hot dogs wont be the only thing being cooked . it could be your meat balls and sausage as well ...but seriously folks I do have thoughts for concern regarding this item.I know we are part of the e.u. just make enquiries before you buy because this item may not be accepted by our health and safety in this country....  Thank you for taking your time to read this ....LOLL.         




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