cleverly written descriptions

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oooh the description........... some contain a simple line of info already easily deduced from the picture, others go straight in with the 'negative feedback' drone before attempting anything on the item, some give good and detailed accounts but require you to scroll down for 3 miles before setting sight on a decent photo and other get it just right.

But its the cloak and dagger brigade that makes me want to write this...... you know the type, big bold text, background theme all produced to deture your eyes from the fact the item 'aint what it should be brother'

not always fake, not always a reproduction but sometimes broken, smaller than it appears or missing a vital part.

smoke and mirrors combined with a human nature to dance before walking can make a fool out of anyone, so please heed some caution and read, then read again the description as experience says if its not quite right then it wont be.

common snippits used in the description which portray a feeling that the vendor doesnt know what they are selling are.....

found in grandads shed

looks the part

certainly feels genuine

been in the family for 30 years

nostalgic and looks old

retro style

yet in reality what are these sayings?.......... thats right they are saying nothing.... they convey no fact and just make the potential bidder think they are. they normally come with a size of the item hidden away in smaller text and never say the words uncleaned, original or slightly damaged... which all old antiques are.

its one thing selling a reproduction as it is, with no false or concealed description, if thats what you like go for it, but its when the reproductions are masked as real that they become a fake and to hide a fake certain parts of fact are omitted and clever words are put in to make you think they are real..... beware, buyer beware always be aware

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