clothing sizes and payment methods

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SIZING-  Always remember that buying from e-bay means that the same rules apply as in the local high street. Clothing sizes vary as to the make/design, so ALWAYS ask the seller first for any specifics you need to know BEFORE making a bid. It may sound like simplistic advice, but believe me there are many who have made the mistake of winning a bid and being disappointed when the item arrives to find it doesn't fit, simply because they didn't check beforehand. The seller will not be liable if you recieve their item and it's too big/small for you. The same applies for shoes and other fitted items. Best to ask the questions and be a happy winner!


Oooh err.......hands up! Who's guilty of confirming a bid and then realising that the payment method preferred by the seller is one that you can't comply with? Been guilty of that one myself before now and relied on the good will and understanding of the seller to get me out of the mess! ALWAYS scroll down to the payment method section of the item when you see something you're seriously considering bidding on. Saves a red face later on and having to cram in quite few slices of humble pie too! If you can't comply with the payment method........DON'T BID!

I know the above advice appears blindingly obvious, but you'd be surprised how easily you can catch yourself out by getting carried away with bidding when you haven't properly checked these important details. After can't exactly expect the seller to be held responsible once the bid has won if you didn't do your homework, can you? I learned that lesson the hard way and, hopefully, you won't make my mistake in the future.


Happy bidding!!






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