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Points to consider when buying anything on ebay

Many times I have brought items and theyve arrived  and I wonder how are they so small or so big!!! 
 Now I follow I few simple rules 
* Double check everything which will be
*Size could be measurements of a toy to a net curtain use a tape measure if you need to.
*Colour sometimes the picture may be a different colour to the one you are purchasing.
*Quantity as sometimes the picture shows the larger product.
* The description of the item sometimes you buy a phone the charger isnt always with the phone a lesson I have learnt the hard way!
*Always read recent reviews of the seller whose item you are thinking of buying. Mainly negative should tell you something positive work just aswell
*Check delivery time, if coming from abroad will take longer so bare this in mind. This is something that happened to my daughter  ordered a loom for her loom bands went for the cheapest unfortunately she didnt look that it was from China took 4 weeks to get here so would now pay the little extra.
*Lastly always compare items where you can as all sellers are different cheapest isnt always best.
Thankyou for reading my guide I hope you find this guide to buying a help as I always follow these points to avoid disappointment. 
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