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ow to pick the best one for your project? Check the size of hook you need for the woil you are using. If you use a hook that is too small the finished piece will be smaller in size, or if you pick a bigger hook than needed the finished item will be larger. US and UK sizes are different so check on a search engine for a conversion chare for the hooks needed. Metal ones are proffered, although the colourful plastic ones are also cheaper but good. I have a knit pro hook size 4 and I complete all my baby blankets with this as it's just right. 
Knit pro also have a larger padded handle for comfort whilst doing crochet.
I prefer using bigger hooks, for making big chunky scarfs and blankets, they crochet up quick and are lovely. Also a good think to do is block your work after. My technique is washing in a sink with a little soap powder, gather it up and rinse it. Then wash it in a sink of fabric softer, then rinse it again. Lay flat on a towel with another towel on the top to take away the moisture. 
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