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buying crystals

I love buying crystals and when you buy from a shop they call to you on-line its different once you know what crystal you want for instance a clear quartz then take time to look at different pictures don't go for the cheapest or the biggest/smallest put them in your  wish list and look at them and that way you will be drawn to the one that's right for you also if you are unsure which crystal you need do the same with various crystals until one grabs your attention
crystal buying is a very personal choice whether you are choosing them for your own personal use or for making items and you want to be sure you have the right ones I have done this many times when buying on-line and always receive the right crystal for what I need at the time
once you have received your crystals always cleanse to remove any influences they may have picked up depending on the type of crystal you buy you can run them under cold water but please check first then leave them to air dry on the window sill
you can place them in the moonlight or bury them in salt or some earth but make sure you check the best way first as not all crystals are suitable for some of these methods
I am writing this review as I am participating a bzz agent campaign
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