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Seller is as above. Her first name is Anita. Sounds a very lovely lady. I purchased an item (bundle of childrens clothing) from her prior to 12.04.2007 incl. P&P for £85 paying by Paypal. Anita sent the parcel via Parcels2Go & HDNL (recommended by ebay) requesting collection from her on 12.04.2007. The parcel went everywhere but has NEVER reached me. She entrusted it to these Couriers. Problems have NOT been her fault but that of the Couriers = tried to deliver to me on 20.04.2007 did not leave as it needed a signature. Took it back to their local depot some 15 miles away. I foned them - assured it would be out to me on 23.04.2007 but it has NEVER arrived. Ever since then they have LOST the parcel and come us with all types of excuses to both Anita and to me. Admit that one of their staff has put the parcel in the wrong place but NOT able to find it. On our PC's it states on 27.04.2007 it is at Park Royal - yet HDNL claim that their records show it as at Ravens Mill?.. how can this be? they are 2 different places!  I cannot leave feedback for the seller as they transaction has NEVER ever been completed. I would urge people to BEWARE not of the Seller, but to BEWARE OF THE COURIERS .. check everything and monitor every move as we have. BUT never ever use HNDL or Parcels2Go ... "cowboy outfits!"... who do not live up to their printed status on their website and cars = CUSTOMERS FIRST!... first for what I might ask??

Perrin 20 (Dorothy)

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