do not use parcel2go as a courier service read my problems

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 I ordered from parcel2go a collection of a parcel weighing less than 3kg from Kent and what a cockup they made of it.Its taken them 4 attempts over 2 weeks and as of today I still do not have it.I contacted their online "live help"
with different lies every time the last time I asked for a refund the lady said she would arrange it,(I took the precaution of printing off all of this information because I will now take it to the small claims court) I then rebooked a different courier and had to pay again,the very next day I had an email from parcel2go stating that they had now picked it up.To date I have paid twice and I still do not have the parcel their a load of crap as is their so called help line
The facts,
It was arranged for the parcel to be collected by parcel2go I emailed my seller giving the details that were given to me on 26thy june 2013.
They did not collect on that day I contacted their "live help" quoting the nos that they asked for to a lady called Stephanie who promissed to collect the following day needless to say they did not collect it
I contacted live help again this time I spoke to Mathew,
He asked for their order ref no which I gave he came back to me almost immediately and asked for the collection addreswhich I gave he cameback and said that they had the wrong number I ponted out that I also gave both phone nos neither of which were contacted.
He asked for the correct number which I gave he promissed me yet again it would be collected on Monday surprise,surprise it was not collected .
I again contacted their live help which as the reader can see is worse than useless,this time this time I contacted Leanne  she asked again for the number which I gave ,I demanded a refund which she said she was arranging and asked for my account no.I told her that I had never had an account with them I had in fact paid by paypal on 25th she again asked for my account no there is no way that I could continue with this logik the next thing I knew she had abandoned the chat
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