dont part with your cash till your sure.

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if you are going to buy something off ebay and they say cash only. please dont part with your cash until you are really sure that its what you want. because i was really stitched up so im speaking from the heart. i was after a car which i had lent the money for from my saw one on ebay and on 5 miles away from where i i went to see it and the girl gave me a good patter about the car. but it had a puncture so couldnt try it and she was working all week,so could i leave a deposit and call and get the car on saturday the 2nd of may. which i did.i got the car home and guess what it was leaking back i went and her partner tightened up bolts underneath there you go fine.i got home and more oil i got hold of tier1958 who sold me the car and asked for my money back and she told me she didnt have it she had spent it. i took the car to the garage to be looked at and the sump gasket and sum had gone the anti roll bar was held on by a jubilee clip and the petrol pump is on its way out and the cat n fitting kit as well.she even got her partner to make a bid as if it was him buying the car and he left her good feedback.and it was not chuv-it.performance who bought the car it was me and now im still owing 700.00 and a car i have had to go to trading standerds with so please be carefull before you part with your money dont be affraid to ask anything and dont fall for a sad story.and please be aware of those 2 sellers yes i know with hindsight i should of realised but i didnt.99.9 on ebay are honest well i have met the rip off ones they lied and have left me with nothing and i would not want them to do this to anyone again they shoulndt be allowed to get away with tier1958. and chuv-it.performance.please take note honest people on ebay should not be lied to and ripped off ebay was ment for honest sales.
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