double buggys

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im writing this review for bzzagent

when i found out i was pregnant with my second child i started looking for double buggys as my son was only 18 months old when my second would be born, as i didnt have £xxx to spend i was looking for a buggy that would have a big enough basket and be able to hold both children with ease, ie not having one seat sitting under the other, i decided in the end to get the graco quattro duo as the basket was huge and as i didnt drive and walked most places it suited my needs and the odd time we did use the car it fitted ok in our ford mondeo, however i fell pregnant unexpectedly quick after having my second(11 months between them) that we now had the dilemma of not only needing a bigger car but also i needed a buggy where i could attach a buggy board with ease, gettin a car wasent a problem and we soon had a ford galaxy but the problem now was that the graco wouldnt fit without removing one of the seats from the car, so i trawled through ebay again looking at double buggys and came across the baby jogger city select, i was absolutely amazed by this buggy with the numerous seat variations (16 in total) after watching a few i finally won one that had everything i needed (except the buggy board) i  purchased this seperately

whats so fantastic about this buggy your probably asking yourselves well let me begin by saying how massive the basket is its huge i easily fitted a weeks shopping(this included nappies etc) plus changing bag etc for my 3 kids with no problems
the seating is situated that both children when older can look out as the back seat is higher than the front one, ths buggy can also be used as a single so technically if your thinking of expanding you family with more than one child you could buy this as your first buggy and then just buy the add ons when you need them
i absolutely loved this buggy from the minute i got it, it fold up small if you take the back wheels off and we had no problems what so ever fitting it in the back of our galaxy with all 7 seats up ,   i was so impressed with it i was sad to see it go when i no longer needed it, i decided to stick with baby jogger and went and brought the baby jogger city mini (3 wheeler) but if im honest i wish i had stuck with the city select as it was so ease to steer and manouver, put it this way if i ever needed a double again this would be the one i get
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