dyson d11 all floors

Like if this guide is helpful

this is a great little machine and very powerfull, I brought the yellow version off ebay for the bedrooms but use it all over the house i have the upright version but could never get under sofas etc where the dust dirt kids crumb collected but this just eats it all after using my normal dyson which did a great job i used the pull along and was amazed how much more it picked up extra i didnt think the floor was that dirty .

have you ever had a newcarpet fitted its quite a shock when you see how many loose fibers are there a must if you have kids pets it grabs it all up.

also a advantage lost a earing this thing will find it if you dont and you can retrieve from bin.

great on dog hairs too i have a westie who goes 3 times a year to get trimmed and it picks up even the smallest of hairs  fact that is what amazed me the most the ammount of hairs even human we loose and never notice it just fills up floors look cleaner even if you are on top of your cleaning every day you just wont be dissapointed with this machine.

i was so impressed i even brought my mum one, great on stairs too with on built tools etc you can hoover everyday and get up something dust is a big part in day to day cleaning can clean curtain tops etc just put a duster over the end of brush tool and cuts polishing down by half



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