e-juice why i lost my taste

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a simple aswer to why you cant taste your e-juice

we all have been there one week we have a vape and the juice tastes amazing then the next week the taste is bland and you sit there thinking what have i done or why is this happening? I aim going to send you with a few simple pointers on how to fix this.
1) is your coil or wick old? old used coils or wicks will need to be changed as they get old the juice will start to lose flavour or taste burnt
2)check you setting on your device some juices require high watts and other work best on a low watt setting
3)  Your useing the same juice over and over again are taste buds will get use to this its good to vape a selection of different juices to allow are taste buds to experence different flavours.
4) pg in your ejuice will coat your tongue and thoart with a layer of film this will stop your tasteing your juice
5) Not being able to taste e-juice can be a sign your not drinking enought water, drink at least 4 pints each day and your soon be on the right track to a very nice tasteing e-juice
6) charge your battries low power battries take long for the coils to heat up which produces poor taste.
i hope these little pointers will help you out and answer a few of your question we all wanted to know the answer to

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