eBay Checkout Scam

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~~I wanted to bid for a mobile phone which was being advertised at around £500 at that time. I saw this phone advertised for £360, which seemed cheap. Actually it was of course too cheap and follows the adage that if it seems too good to be true, it probably is! I clicked on a link in the advert which asked me to create a message to the seller. I told the seller what I wanted (there were various options to choose) and they duly came back to me to confirm the price. I later found that the seller's eBay account had been hacked and the eBay advert I was looking at was from some spurious person trying to get their hands on my money. The email response I received wasn't from eBay (even though it was formatted to look like it was) and it asked me to pay to a bank in Italy. Luckily I checked with eBay before parting with my cash. So if you see an advert like this or are asked to pay via eBay checkout, DON'T DO IT! This is a SCAM and I expect you will loose your money if you pay this way.
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