eBay Education programme - does it work in the UK?

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Does the eBay Education programme work in the UK? I completed the course last year, (after paying £90), very enthusiastic about "teaching it the eBay way". I always thought you were not allowed to teach it unless you were an Education Specialist, but have since discovered otherwise, as I have come across several people holding unauthorised classes throughout the UK, and advertising them, too. When I notified eBay of this, they said it was OK to do this. So, I am left wondering if it is actually worth paying the £90 in the first place??

It appears to work in the US, with high fees earned for classes given as examples. It's different here - I am a qualified teacher, but found it impossible to get anyone to pay more than £9.99 for a 3-hour class. Most people expected it for free!

If anyone else has had any experience of this, I would love to hear from you, or if you are considering joining the programme.

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