eBay Feedback - Look after it

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eBay, the worlds largest auction site has a protection system in place so users know exactly what kind of person their dealing with. It’s called Feedback and is the most valuable asset you have on eBay as either a bidder or a seller. Here’s why your feedback is so valuable and why you should take the time to maintain it responsibly.

1) Everyone who is considering bidding on an item you’re listing will firstly have a quick glance at your feedback.

2) The majority of time, feedback is permanent and is non removable.

3) Your feedback shows how responsible you are as both a buyer and a seller. It also includes any bid retractions you may have made

4) How do you react when things go wrong with a winning bidder or with a seller. Do you work to resolve any issues or not? Your feedback profile will indicate this.

5) Are you experienced on eBay and how long have you been registered with eBay. Would you be more willing to do business with someone who’s been registered five days or five years. Your feedback profile includes your registration date on eBay.

6) How many times have you changed your user name & why? Sometimes a change in username, may indicate a problem or you are trying to hide something.

7) Almost every ones feedback on eBay is publicly viewable. Users don’t have to be involved in a transaction with you to search for your feedback and can view feedback profiles at anytime by using the search facility available.

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