eBay Listing Fees - Know the cost and use them wisely!

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PRIVATE SELLERS: It pays to know how much eBay charges you in listing fees and final value fees for your listings. When I'm searching for items it never ceases to amaze me how many sellers list items at very low start prices believing that saves them money, when ebay now offer 20 listings free of listing fees every month, with any start price.
See ebay.co.uk listing fees here:  http://sellercentre.ebay.co.uk/introduction-ebay-fees
Now you have these 20 listings, free of listing fees, every month and at weekends ebay may offer you extra free listings, it makes so much sense to include an amount in the start price for your P&P, so that you can then select free P&P on your listings. This costs you nothing extra in ebay fees because sellers are now charged a final value fee on the total amount received. However, it could pay you dividends in the long run because it means that buyers can't leave you a low secret detailed seller rating star on your ebay profile for P&P charges.  Receiving a 1 star rating could soon see you demoted in your seller dashboard, or even suspended for 30 days. At best it will ensure that your listings are placed at the bottom of searches, and that ebay don't offer you any extra free listings.

I also see lots of sub-titles that cost 35p extra in fees, but give no additional information about an item that wasn't or couldn't have been said in the title. So use sub-titles wisely and make sure they work positively for you to maximise your chances of selling your item for the 35p extra that you're paying to use them. Please also remember that it's easy to add a sub-title to a listing but much more difficult to take it off once it is on there.

Good Luck with your selling!

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