eBay & Negative Feedback ----- Just Not On!

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I totally agree with the person writing about Negative Feedback!

I purchased some software (Sent via Email)  from a Seller that cost £5.00 (ok..It isn't a fortune, but all these Fivers mount up). 

It was Rubbish! and installed Spyware/adware on my PC, when it wasn't crashing it that is and you were supposed to refer as many  friends as possible...("Why?..so they can get a load of spyware on their computer too?")! 

I sent them a very polite eMail, stating my unhappiness with the product and  asked for a refund, a partial one at least....5 days went by and no response, so, for the 1st time, I left Negative Feedback, nothing rude, just what I've already said.

Their response was to send me a catty eMail and then leave ME Negative Feedback.... Calling me a Waste of Space! very professional eh?... Especially when I had paid for my purchase within about 2 mins of "Commit to buy"!  How can people be allowed to get away with Personal Insults like that?  In 210 Transactions that is the 1st EVER Negative Feedback I have received, yet I kept to my part of the transaction! 

We are all subject to criticism at times, but you should be allowed to give your honest opinion about a product or transaction, without resorting to personal insults & abuse!  After all, is that not why the feedback section is there, so that you can rate an eBayer on the service or honesty of the individual!?  You shouldn't have to be scared to leave your opinion.  I honestly reckon something should be done about that! 

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