eBay Rules for School Cool

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Yay! It's my favourite time of year! Nope - you haven't time travelled and this is Christmas Eve. No, it's not my birthday - although you are most welcome to buy me a present. (Size DOES matter when it comes to presents - in case you were wondering.) People - it's BACK TO SCHOOL!
And for those of you who's brains are still in holiday mode - let me spell what that means out for you....F.R.E.E.D.O.M.
But stop. Rewind. You need to make sure that when your kids walk through those school gates - they are rocking some street cred.
I think we all know there's not that much you can do with their shiny nylon and polyester uniform - apart from getting electric shocks every time you touch them! So what we need to up the style ante, are some fabulous accessories.
Now, anyone who knows me knows I have what can only be described as a shopping 'habit'. Some might say an 'addiction'. Which is why my site is called Kid Style Junkie. I want kids rocking a stylish look. Especially for Back to School. I mean - where are our kids most of the time? I KNOW it feels like it's at home - wingeing or stuck to their screens - but the answer is actually, SCHOOL.
So without further ado, I bring you my Top 10 back to school accessories from eBay.
1. For younger girls this backpack by Beatrix New York is D.I.V.I.N.E. £27.98
2. This Old Skool backpack by Vans is super-fly for your little guy! £8
3. Get their rock on with this messenger bag by Pro-Sports. £12.95 and you get a matching wallet for their sweets money!
4. Go retro-fabulous with this Dunlop headphones messenger bag £14.95
5. I want this super-cute panda pencil case for myself! £1
6. Rather than him staring out the window in class he can stare at the brilliant retro Star Wars images on this pencil case. £2.49
7. Make your kids RULE with these! £2
8. L.O.V.E. these matchstick erasers. £6
9. Build their appetite with these brilliant Lego Lunch Boxes £7.99
10. And the crowning glory? A good hair day with this sparkalicious hair bow! £0.99
So there you go. Now get your skates on people - as you are reading this people are clicking and my suggestions will be going, going GONE!
For more more MORE stylish suggestions for your kids - check out Kid Style Junkie.

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