eBay User Login & Account Names

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eBay User Login & Account Names
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Do you not think eBay should delete users who have not used there accounts for say 2 Years ?

This would FREE up names available, and also probebly free up Space for eBay...

When I decided to Join eBay I can remember that every name i wanted was already gone! and when checking these names at a later time, noticed some were created YEARS ago ! and many of which were never used.!


This is what I think eBay should do:

    1. New Accounts must be used once in the first 2 Month's or Deleted
    2. If an account is not used in anyway for over 2 Years, also Deleted.

(A user could always Register Again)


If you agree or disagree please Vote "Yes" or "No" Below, Thank You.

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