eBay are Frauds- Avoid at all costs

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My title says it all, you may wonder why there are so many counterfeit and fraudulent listings on eBay, the reason, is because they are frauds. I'll explain in further detail the problems I have had with eBay in the past nine months.

Fraudulent listing, I thought I was about to receive a pair of headphones but after a month they hadn't arrived, the seller did not respond to me. Luckily this was refunded.
My second problem came when I bought a watch, I had unknowingly bought a counterfeit. This was a completed listing, so I had to struggle to get PayPal to reimburse me. This was done in April, I only received full refund at the end of August. 
With the refund I then bought another one, I had completed payment only a short while later, I had an email saying the listing had been removed. I did a quick search, and found the listing commented on in a forum, somebody had reported it. This was swiftly reimbursed.

A more recent problem I have had is the sale of a tablet. As I am new to selling I did not realise this needed to be posted with a tracking service. The item never arrived and my buyer opened a dispute. eBay stupidly refunded the money, leaving me without the cash and the tablet! Money I actually need now for my Masters degree!

The last problem is a deal breaker and it is now I am sharing my issues with you all. My last problem, was I bought another watch, I thought this one would be the real thing. I interrogated the seller and assured me it was real. I went ahead, how daft was I, it turned out to be counterfeit!

Long story short, the problems I have had with eBay have caused me a nervous breakdown because of the stress and worrying, and also the negative effects that come from one. I have been in touch with both the CEO of the company and the CEO of the UK. I requested that a replacement item should be sent as a goodwill gesture as an apology for the problems caused and also because it states a replacement can be requested if a item is not as described. The sellers don't so I thought eBay should provide it. After all it makes sense, they should face the consequences for selling fakes

eBay have not apologised to me at all and have fobbed me off, with the usual 'it's not our responsibility'. May I clear something up, the listings are eBay's responsibility seeing how they actually make their money from you selling things. Therefore they make a profit with counterfeit listings, which I think is disgusting, and you will find is actually illegal! I do not see how it should be down to others to report counterfeit listings when they are listed on eBay, they should be doing it!

So you can see why I have chosen my title, it is because eBay are frauds, they scam you out of your hard earned cash, but when you need customer support, they couldn't care less. 

They are frauds, and have no morals. All I can say, is don't bother with eBay. You may be fine with them now, as I was 4 years ago, now I wish I hadn't bothered. Leave while you can, all they care about is making money, and are appalling when it comes to solving an issue.  I shall now be taking my business elsewhere, I do not care about the shysters who run eBay.

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